• Competitive Intelligence needs identification and implementation planning

    By studying the internal processes and the relationship activities with the external environment, we identify the information needs for each of the companies departments.

    Aligned with the company stated objectives, we plan a fast, customized and efficient CI solution.

    On request, we can supervise the implementation of that solution as a whole or for dedicated sections only.


  • Competitive Intelligence needs identification, implementation and consultancy

    Honesto Media specialists will work with you to identify the CI optimal solutions for your company.

    After analyzing the situation and formulating the pursued objectives, one of 8 predefined models is chosen to efficiently satisfy the needs of the company.

    Subsequently, the agreed model is implemented, the involved staff or, upon request, the entire company staff is instructed.

    Start-up advice for the new autonomous team is available.

  • Due diligence

    Legal, financial, commercial and operational analysis is made to any company or a business proposal with the goal of identifying the real associated situations.

    In addition, the involved commercial transaction risks, as well as estimates of the business potential, are analyzed.

    Due diligence reports can be made for our customers in multiple configurations, target indicators, as well as in association with Competitive Intelligence elements.

  • Counter-Competitive Intelligence needs identification and planning

    We work together with you in order to limit exposure to competitive intelligence activities conducted by competitors.

    Thanks to our experience in this field, we know how to secure the data and information that can make your company vulnerable to competitors.

    We introduce/verify information disclosure policies to identify areas of potential risk.

    If leaks are discovered, we can contain the vulnerabilities and secure the informational flows.

  • Competitive Intelligence studies for entering a market

    We analyze the competitive environment in the concerned field from a legal, financial and competitive perspective, on a local, regional or national approach.

    The conducted studies converge towards answering to the question “can you do profitable business where you had planned?”.

    Detailed market conditions are presented, competition features are detailed and odds that corporate objective can be met are estimated.

  • Multiple ways of Competitive Intelligence training

    CI is a useful and efficient tool only if it’s used by people trained to use it.

    Managers must be aware of what the actionable information is, they must recognize it, seek it, correlate it with the results of other informational systems and subsystems and maximize its utility.

    On the other hand, the staff involved in the intelligence production need training, even if the CI activity reduces to daily online scanning in order to identify information about their firm or about its field of activity.

    Moreover, competitor analysis, personnel or management analysis require specific approaches. Honesto Media organizes courses for managers and staff involved in the CI activity.